Product description

Wire mesh blankets are a lightly bonded high density blankets conforming to ASTM C-592 and equivalent BS 3958 Part 3 that manufactured from Mineral Rock fibers and stitched to 25 mm hexagonal Galvanized wire mesh or stainless Steel wire mesh


used for general thermal, acoustic insulation and fire protection applications such as:

Chimney and towers

Out range Piping system

Fire Harzard Zones

Boilers, ovens and furnaces

Exhaust manifold

Steam turbines

Thermal Conductivity

Wire mesh blankets shows a low thermal conductivity confirming to ASTM C177/C-518

Packaging & Storage:

Wire mesh blankets are supplied in shrink wrapped polyethylene and must be stored in the original packaging, protected from the weather and off the ground in case of getting wet it can be dried and used without changes to its properties.


Mesh blankets are odourless, nonhygroscopic, rot proof, does not sustain vermin or encourage the fungi growth, mould or bacteria.


Wire mesh blankets are free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential so it's environment friendly product.

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