How to pay?
There are different ways of payments:
  • Cash sales- Lipa na mpesa , Cleared funds if paid by cheque
  • Credit Customers - Account opening forms to be duly filled up with personal Guarantee.
How about transportation ?
Customers choice- Either goods can be collected from our premises or Transport provided with nominal costs added as Local Freight.
Are price changes subject to change frequently?
Normally we control prices to maitain as constant as possible - until Forex fluctuates beyond 5%
Do you have export facilities?
Yes we do.
We are presently exporting to countries in EastAfrica

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IG Supplies

IG Supplies limited incorporated in the year 2007, direct importers of industrial raw materials and intermediary products which are basically not produced or manufactured in Kenya.

The company is focused on importing quality and value added products from South Africa, Malaysia, Turkey, Scotland, India, Thailand , Egypt and China.